COVID-19 Protocol

Re-Opening PHASE I, (Implemented 06-01-2020)



1.      All residents should continue to wash their hands on an ongoing basis throughout the day using CDC-recommended           method.  Wash the entire hand for at least twenty seconds using soap and water.
2.      Use gloves or paper towel when refueling any vehicle.
3.      Social distancing rules (6 Feet) remain in effect.

Opening of the Offices
Central Office

1.       The front door of the Central Office at Beltline will be open during regular hours.
2.      Visitors may use the window to the inner office.
3.      Office personnel may not enter the lobby area during working hours if a visitor is in the lobby.

*see additional details in attached file

Property Offices
1.      Residents may call the property offices to make an appointment to see the manager.
2.      Rent changes may still be performed by telephone and self-certification.

*see additional details in attached file


1.      Emergency and critical work orders will be prioritized. Non-essential work orders may be postponed.
2.      Maintenance personnel will use all safety precautions, including wearing gloves when entering a dwelling unit. Masks are recommended. Personnel should keep at least a distance of six (6) feet from anyone in the unit. Personnel are instructed to ask whether or not anyone in the unit is sick. A prudent judgement call may be made by the personnel as to whether or not to enter the unit. If the unit is not entered, it will be reported to the property manager as soon as possible.

*see additional details in attached file


1.      Rent continues to be due on the first day of the month.

2.      Past due rent is not, and will not be forgiven. Any balance that is accumulating is still due.
3.      HUD has instructed every housing authority across the country that after July 24, 2020, any and all rent that is past due may be collected, or court action, including eviction for non-payment of rent can then be pursued in court.
4.      Please report any reduction in hours worked, or loss of job to your manager by telephone right away.

**Abbreviated version, full version available below